Bigfoot Electro 2022

May 26-29, 2022

Bigfoot Electro 2022


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Bigfoot Adventure Campground

518 Brawley Rd

Tracy City, TN 37387


Make memories that last a lifetime by spending a Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends at Bigfoot Electro. 

Whether you want to soar through the air on a zipline, participate in a friendly disc golf competition, go on a camping trip with the family, or experience the great outdoors on a beautiful nature hike, we can help make it happen! 

Our Bigfoot RV Park & Campground has a variety of amenities including a bathhouse and showers, RV water and dump stations, 30/50 AMP hookups, camper hookups, a disc golf course, and a zipline. 

Plus, the campground at Bigfoot Electro is equipped for all camping styles, including tents and campers. 

To help create a sense of community, we encourage our patrons to review our core values (see below) and to exercise personal responsibility at the 2022 festivities.


- Active Participation - think positively & be the actor, not the spectator!

- Leave No Trace - littering is not sexy, clean up after yourself!

- Practice Gifting Culture - be kind to strangers & let strangers be kind to you!

- Consent - assumptions are the devil, so ask & you shall receive!

- Acceptance & Inclusion - include new friends into your circle, even if just for a moment!

- Respect & Mindfulness - be aware of your surroundings & know when it's your time to go!

- Radical Self-Reliance - don't be the mooch, be the abundance - pack well & come prepared! 



Bigfoot Electro is held on a 500-acre farm located in Grundy County, Tennessee - home of the legendary underground music venues such as Jaceland and The Caverns, and just 30 minutes out from Bonnaroo. 

The original Bigfoot Electro 2020 date (feat. TRUTH, Infekt, Jantsen, Shiverz and Phutureprimitive + more) was postponed to 2021. 

Despite the pains that came & went with rescheduling from 2020 to 2021, our inaugural-year event became a massive success.

We appreciate each & every one of you so, SO much for sticking with us through this journey.

Want to do it again with us this upcoming Memorial Day weekend 2022? Let's boogie! 


Come out to Bigfoot Electro in Tracy City, TN - to be held on May 26-29, 2022.

Three-day (weekend pass) and four-day (early arrival + weekend pass) options are available. 

If you buy now & decide to upgrade later, we will credit the purchase price to your upgrade purchase price. 

THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN BIGFOOT! We can’t wait to see you next Memorial Day Weekend.



VIP: 4 OR 3 DAY PASSES ARE $349/$299!

VIP patrons get everything included with G.A. (see below) as well as:

- Closer Camping to Main Stage - minimum walking, because you'll be in the center of all the action

- Air Conditioned Bathroom & VIP Showers - you won't have to touch a porta john

- Mobile Vendor Food Delivery Service - text a number to receive food & merch delivery

- One Free Shower Token At The Gate - you can purchase extra separately

- Free Coffee & OJ Every Morning 7AM Until 11AM


GA: 4 OR 3 DAY PASSES ARE $199/$169!

Arriving early? Get a whole extra day of partying in, plus the best car camping spot, for just a few bucks more. 

- Admit One + car camping included

- Enjoy 1 main stage, 2 sound camps + surprise renegades featuring 100+ sets

- Food vendors, merch & visual artists

- 12+ hours of nonstop music every day

- Free disc golf & other activities





Turn your music festival journey into a fully immersive getaway experience. 

If you want to get more from your Memorial Day Weekend stay at Bigfoot Electro 2022...  


$70.00 / 45 MIN -OR-
$120.00 / 90 MIN

Kiss your muscle soreness goodbye. Only twenty 45-min slots and ten 90-min slots are available. We will have two massage therapists on site. Massages will take place all day Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM; you will receive an email with your scheduled time slot.

- Must have a pass to attend Bigfoot Electro to be admitted

- Tell our in-house massage therapists which areas you want them to focus on and/or stay away from

- Choose any level of pressure: Moderate, Heavy, Extreme

- Couples massages available upon request


$30.00 / 45 MIN -OR-
$50.00 / 90 MIN

Friends can zipline together. Only twenty 45-min slots and ten 90-min slots are available. A one-of-a-kind Bigfoot Electro experience. Zip down either 3 or 7 of Bigfoot Electro's exhilarating ziplines!

- Must have a pass to attend Bigfoot Electro to be admitted

- You'll be under the care of a trained instructor

- Safety equipment will be provided

- Must be sober to use zipline


$10.00 FOR 1 -OR-
$25.00 FOR 3

Taking a hot shower & putting on fresh new clothes after a fun-filled day under the sun. What could be better? Get squeeky-clean without having to get a hotel room. Don't forget to pack an extra towel!

- Must have a pass to attend Bigfoot Electro to use

- We ask guests to please be mindful & try to keep your shower to no more than 15 minutes

- Optional single-use body wash & shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes & sponges will be provided ($3 ea) 

Bigfoot Adventure Campground

Organizer of Bigfoot Electro 2022
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